Chloe Doherty


With the rise of entertainment platforms, we have become awash in the endless sea of movies and TV series – every day absorbing the misconceptions portrayed through characters and their struggles. Characters who suffer with real life illnesses and disorders are being depicted as dangers to society and themselves, creating an unrealistic and unfair perception to masses of people. ‘SENSES’ aims to change that. The goal of this project is to provoke thought and understanding by sharing creative narratives that serve to explore the sensory experiences endured throughout everyday life, when living with mental illnesses and disorders. We aim to combine contemporary design and the act of storytelling in order to immerse the broader audience in these experiences. Each story acts as a true reflection of what it feels like when living with mental illness, intended to help others understand, comprehend, and empathise. Image Captions Image 1.png “IN MY HEAD”. A print solution reflecting Bipolar. “IN MY HEAD” is an interpretation of the experiences endured when living with Bipolar, and how the illness is managed through the help of medication. This playful guide serves to act as an honest reflection intended to educate and immerse the audience, in order to retrain those to think differently. Image 2.png “IN MY HEAD”. Image 3.png “FACES, COLE”. A photography series reflecting Dissociative Identity Disorder. This series aims to capture the distorted view outsiders have developed in relation to the illness. Each character reflects one of the many personalities that individuals can experience life through when living with the disorder. These personalities allow the individual to experience life with an array of emotions and thoughts, which ultimately changes the way they interact with the world. Image 4.png “FACES, THEO”. A photography series reflecting Dissociative Identity Disorder. Each character is depicted completely different, wearing a mask inspired by their personality, story, emotions and style. Removing the character’s human face further reflects how each person is stripped of their humanity, masking how they actually feel. Image 5.png “FACES, LINDSAY”. A photography series reflecting Dissociative Identity Disorder. Image 6.png “FACELESS” A painting series that further reflects Dissociative Identity Disorder. This abstract series aims to capture the simple human form, with no facial detailing. This series is an attempt to initiate curiosity of the unknown and distortion, a true imitation of life with Dissociative Identity Disorder. Image 7.gif “TRIGGER” An Illustration piece that serves to reflect Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). This interpretational piece is an amalgamation of phrases that individuals use to describe what the disorder feels like to them – “falling into a black hole”, “memories are stuck”, “smoke and many other things were a trigger”. The chaotic nature of this piece serves to ‘attack’ the viewer’s senses, forcing them to filter the mayhem that moves throughout. Image 8.gif “CONCENTRATION” A 3D model that serves to reflect Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). This piece aims to convey the chaos and constant juggling experience the individuals suffer. With the constant overwhelming consumption of external information, it is extremely difficult to comprehend and process any one given thing, meaning it is impossible at times to concentrate. Image 9.gif Capturing a snippet of the ‘SENSES’ website, demonstrating the graphic language and style.