Declan O’Dwyer


Unwind is a device for those living with Multiple Sclerosis which allows them to alleviate certain symptoms they encounter on a daily basis both on the go and in their home environment. Through the use of haptic vibration feedback the user can tackle symptoms such as spasming of the muscles and stresses. As well as this Unwind applies novel research and new haptic technology to alleviate the physical sensations of tremors in people living with Multiple Sclerosis. The pill uses rhythmic vibrations to interrupt and distract the brain from the physical sensations of tremors caused by an error in the body’s sensorimotor feedback loop Unwind uses haptic feedback to guide the user through a series of paced breathing steps which allows the user to relax and regain composure when they become stressed The pill is designed to reduce the impact of muscle spasming and stiffness through the use of haptic technology which relaxes muscle tightness and improves the bloodflow as well a muscular functionality