SWOP – The future of clothing

Luke Dalton
Visual Communication

Dún Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design and Technology

https://www.instagram.com/cerealdrawer/ https://vimeo.com/lukedalton

Luke Dalton

SWOP – The future of clothing

Fashion is the second most damaging industry to the climate. The rise of consumer-capitalism and the simplicity of fast fashion and online shopping means young people now have an unhealthy relationship with buying new clothes. It is simply too easy and disposable. However, this same demographic cares deeply about the condition of the climate as it represents their future. SWOP is a clothes-swapping app where clothes are valued according to their durability and thus are seen and appreciated for their material worth and not their monetary value. Users can share stories about their clothes before passing them on to their next owner or find and share tips on how to up-cycle and repair tattered clothes. The goal of this project is to reshape our relationship with the clothes we own. The concepts of swapping clothes, buying durable goods and repairing tattered garments are nothing new which is what inspired SWOP’s tongue-in-cheek messaging. By viewing the old as new and vice versa I was able to develop a retro-futuristic visual aesthetic that plays off this same concept. The project consists of an app where people can swap clothes and share stories. A motion-based ad campaign to promote the app situated on social media sites and in train stations. A microsite that breaks down the app’s key features and benefits. Finally, branding for SWOP’s real-life moments such as the SWOPOFF stations and eco-friendly packaging.