What is ‘The New Now’?

This is a space for creative design graduates who, this year due to health restrictions, cannot have an End of Year showcase. Championed by the Institute of Designers in Ireland (IDI), It is a National Showcase of the creative output from design courses across the island of Ireland. It is a pledge to stop unpaid internships, and is a mentorship programme for graduates.

What’s in it for the employer

Value Our Graduates, Value Our Industry
You can simply browse through the disciplines and find a young designer you want to mentor then connect with them directly via their social or email info supplied.  If you like what you see you could also offer a paid internship by reaching out directly.

If you’d like to support the project and want further information pop your email below and we’ll be in touch.


On-boarding programme
If you hire an intern, Design Skillsnet have a superb on-boarding programme to allow you to make the transition from college to workplace easy. This is free for all IDI members who take on a graduate however registration is required (registration is here).

Guide a Grad
We are looking for industry leaders like yourself to commit to one 30 minute call per week to guide a graduate through their career choices. This can happen in person or online and you can arrange the times directly with your graduate. This is a way to have some to ask those questions we all wish we had when we were starting out!

What’s in it for the student

Upload your work to join the New Now. Please note: work will not immediately appear on the site and needs to be verified ahead of being published. If you need help email info@idi-design.ie

Everyones talking about you!
Each week we will have industry members write about their experiences, and pick their favourite projects. Your project might be next!

Get an internship
We will promote the site to our members helping your work get seen by employers. We have also asked our members to pledge a paid internship.

Be matched with a mentor
We can help put you in touch with a mentor who will guide you through key decisions in your career.

Entry into the IDI Graduate Design Awards
You have the option to find out more information about the IDI Graduate Design Awards, by a simple click at registration.

Become a Graduate IDI member
If you like all this you can become an IDI Graduate member and see what other support we have available to you as you lift off in your career. 

Never again work for free!
We are helping to improve the creative industry by ensuring an end to the practice of unpaid internships.