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Meet the Talented Mentors working with our Designers in Residence Programme

Jun 2024

We are thrilled to announce the exceptional mentors who will be supporting and guiding our talented group in our Designers in Residence programme. These mentors bring a wealth of experience and expertise from various design disciplines, ensuring our graduates receive the best possible mentorship during their transition into the professional world. Let's get to know these brilliant mentors and what makes them the perfect match for our aspiring designers!

Introducing Our Mentors

Shane Lyons

Shane Lyons: Product Designer, Vodafone. Mentoring Rory Maguire who will work with Eyedea.

Shane Lyons is a distinguished Product Designer at Vodafone, known for leading transformational user experience initiatives. He will be mentoring Rory Maguire, Eyedea, during the Designers in Residence programme. 

Shane has a background in digital marketing and computer science and drives digital innovation. He continuously educates himself in design thinking, project management, and agile methodologies to uphold excellence. As a mentor, Shane wants to gives back to the design community, sharing his wealth of knowledge to inspire and shape the next generation of designers, fostering a culture of continuous learning and innovation.

Paul Cotter

Paul Cotter: Owner, BadDog. Mentoring Diarmuid O'Connor who will work with Portershed.

Paul has worked in various magazines and newspapers, from San Francisco to Galway for over 30 years. Paul will be mentoring Diarmuid O’Connor during his time on the Designer in Residence programme. His design portfolio spans from the entertainment industry to diverse sectors. From logos to magazines, newspapers, and web design, Paul’s creative expertise has consistently delivered results. Notable clients include the President of Ireland, Water Safety Ireland, Galway’s West End, and Vodafone. With his vast experience, Paul Cotter is dedicated to mentoring and nurturing the next generation of designers.

Marguerite Lynch

Marguerite Lynch, Creative Director Proactive. Mentoring Claudine Curran who will work with MMC Eco Homes.

Marguerite Lynch’s involvement in this new initiative stems from her passion for cultivating a sense of community within the design industry. As a Creative Director, she values knowledge sharing and collaboration among experienced professionals and the next generation of creative talent. Marguerite is excited to participate in this project, as it provides an opportunity to inspire and empower young designers, fostering a stronger design community.

Fuschsia MacAree

Fuchsia MacAree: Artist and Illustrator. Mentoring Niamh McArdle who will work with Croí.

Fuchsia MacAree is a talented artist and illustrator based in Co. Clare. With a BDes in Visual Communication from NCAD and an MA in Illustration from Camberwell in London, Fuchsia’s work beautifully captures quiet moments of contemplation, details in nature, and observations from everyday Irish life. As a mentor, Fuchsia aims to support aspiring illustrators by sharing her insights in the creative process and the business aspects of the industry. This rewarding experience pushes her to think differently and grow in her own artistic practice.

Fuchsia MacAree on Instagram

James Kelly

James Kelly, Studio Director, Proactive. Mentoring Sam Ardiff who will work with Galway Chamber.

James has 20 years experience in the graphic design and print industry. An “out of the box” thinker who has an incredible talent for interior design and graphics. He has an eye for colour (being more of a Visual Designer) and is able to turn an office space into a work of art.

I believe design must serve a purpose, solve problems and communicate with an audience. Always challenging, questioning and continuously delivering great ideas. It's my privilege to get on board with the Institute of Designers in Ireland mentor programme, mentoring is all about a brain to pick, an ear to listen, and guidance to push in the right direction.

James Kelly

We are incredibly grateful to have such an amazing lineup of mentors for our Designers in Residence programme. Their dedication, passion, and invaluable insights help guide our designers throughout the projects. Stay tuned for updates on their progress and join us in celebrating these remarkable mentors!

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