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Institute of Art, Design and Technology Dún Laoghaire

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Hello, hello! I am a Dublin-based designer with a passion for social change, sustainability and culture. I graduated from Visual Communications at IADT in 2023 with a First Class Honours! I am really interested in art direction, UI/UX and web design as well as motion design.  Here is a snapshot of my final year graduate project, cúpla focal, a service created for those who want to speak more Irish but don’t have the fluency, confidence or place to speak it. It emphasises the use of casual Irish and encourages everyone to use whatever standard they have, whether it’s poetic fluency or a load of gibberish.  Businesses simply sign up to cúpla focal and are then placed on the participants map on the app, where users can see that they are offering their services in Irish. Users can also learn key words and phrases on the app that are commonly used in certain places, for example they can learn how to order a coffee in a café.  I wanted to find a way of incorporating opportunities for people to use their ‘cúpla focal’ in their everyday lives; in places where they were already going e.g their favourite café or their local pub. This is to take Irish out of our schoolbooks and back into our day-to-day lives and to make the language feel natural and comfortable again. Go raibh míle!

Bus stop poster aimed at people who want to speak their bit of Irish in their everyday life.
The cúpla focal app allows users to find places where they can speak Irish.
Prompt signs at a business participating in cúpla focal that encourage customers to speak Irish and to download the app.

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