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I am textile designer with a passion for sustainable design and printed textile methods and have just completed my final year studying Textile & Surface Design in the National College of Art & Design. My final year collection, Into the Blues, explores the colour blue and its association with feelings of melancholy, longing and isolation. As the ocean was a key source of visual inspiration, the fabrics and processes used were mindfully selected in an attempt to honour and protect our blue planet. As such, single process prints were used on natural, tactile fabrics of organic cotton, hemp and silk, with nuances of blue coming from indigo, cyanotype and pigment printing.

Delicate | Placement print exposed onto silk twill using cyanotype print methods.
Hope (Left) | Indigo dyed salvaged turkey feathers appliquéd by hand onto silk twill. Ocean Eyes (Right) | Repeat pattern digitally printed onto sandwashed silk habotai.
The First Day | Repeat pattern screen printed onto dupion silk using an indigo print paste.

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