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Hi, I am a recent Graduate of Visual Communications from TUDublin. I have always had an interest in design. This interest started with hoarding fashion magazines and national geographics to create collages with the letters and images I cut out of them, a pastime I still love to do today! I have a keen interest in Brand Identity design and Typography. My interest in branding started while I was an intern for Reddog design. Working here showed me how varied this type of work is and how different each project could be. I also enjoyed how every concept was approached differently based on the client and project. I like to work in a research-led way rather thanfollowing trends. This allows me to design in a way that suits the brief rather than what is popular and in trend. The project I am showing was for the ISTD. The Brief was to design a Brand Identity for the typographic Research Unit and apply it to promotional Material. I Decided the brand identity should speak to the history of typography and work in both a printed and digital context. When starting to brainstorm this project the idea of history came up and even though this is a new identity, typography has a lot of history, and the logo should speak to this history. When looking into the history of printing and typography newspapers came up often and how they changed typography this is when the idea of designing the logo to look like leading came up. This also influenced the decision to create a Newspaper publication to promote the TRU. I chose a colour palette that would look different in RBG and CMYK to show the affordances of print and digital media

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