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I am a recent interior design graduate and a winner of ‘Best Academic Achievement 2021’ from Griffith College, Dublin. I am a creative, enthusiastic, and extremely hard-working person with attention to detail and a commitment to finish each project to a high standard and within the given time frame. I possess good interpersonal skills and a desire to learn new skills. I care about the environment and I have an interest in current environmental issues and sustainability. Previous work experience in graphic design gave me useful skills for creating attractive brochures and tenders for potential clients. During my studies at GCD and BFEI, I acquired skills such as project management, furniture, and lighting design, spatial planning, 2D drawing, and 3D visualisation using CAD and Revit software, building construction, marketing, business, and entrepreneurship. My interests include architecture, interiors, painting and drawing, 3D visualisation, upcycling, and colour psychology.

Project description The brief for this project is to redesign an existing building into a multi-disciplinary space incorporating a taproom, cafe, event space, and offices within the design. The Client is a community of designers, artists, small enterprises who collaborate under one roof of the Chocolate Factory. The Chocolate Factory is a heavy concrete building designed in 1910. In the past, it used to produce confectioneries such as sweets and jams. The heavy concrete structure is built over 4-stories. Dominating features are heavy beams and columns that support high ceilings. The principal design consideration was given to the space planning, creating variations of offices for individual needs. My design includes rooms for private conversations, break-out spaces and also collaborative spaces, and meeting rooms. The main entrance of the building faces the Northside and the other two sides have no windows hence many extremely dark areas within the space of the building. My proposed design offers a solution whereby opening the vast space with a large circular void running through the core of the building allows important light to fill throughout the individual floors. Plants, nature, and organic shapes are part of my design. It is scientifically proven that such elements can improve workers’ concentration, increase their productivity, and lower stress levels. Emphasis is given to environmental principles such as lower energy usage and the use of natural Eco-friendly materials.

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