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Hi, Ioana here. A mature student graduate from MTU in Cork, a solving problem person. My concept is focused on solving people’s problems and designing ideas that put them into connection with the audience in mind. I enjoy working on different projects from designing broachers, flyers, business cards to bigger projects such as brand identity. I walk through a series of steps throughout my process to achieve a solution for those in need. I’m an active listener, packed with creative concepts and ready for a new challenge. I’m an award-winner for re-branding project Green Spaces For Health, working as part of the team with other 2 colleagues, an award-winner front cover e-Journal for IUJHS (International Undergraduate Journal of Health Sciences). I’ve been awarded two Certificate of Merit for 2 years in a row for my voluntary contribution to the enhancement and development of student life as a class representative in MTU, also awarded Certificate of Merit for my voluntary contribution as an Alumni Ambassador in 2020/ 2021. Check out my portfolio for other projects… Well, after all this would you like to get in touch? Drop me a line. I won’t bite. I promise.

Rokmole is a re-branding project I worked on during my internship with Kerry College. Rokmole company needed a new fresh look and establish a strong identity throughout their brand guidelines. For this project I have created a new set of brand elements such as new logo design, colour palette, typography, visual language, and new web design.
Vicky’s Floral Design is a small business based in Cork. Vicky approached me to create a new brand identity for her business. I focused on creating on her company’s values, and her passion for making people feel happy, creating beautiful fresh flower arrangements with delivery within hours.
The concept for my Final Year Project is a one day diary about how I have managed to create a balance between a full-time student and a first-time mum. This is a real story about making the juggling act in a mature person’s life doable. It’s a story of struggles, challenges, and frustrations which they turned into innovation, motivation, determination to achieve the goal of that I’ve dreamt for a very long time. This is an inspiring story for those who feel the need of retuning to college, worried about how to make the balance between personal life and college. Here are some insights about how to get motivated to follow your dreams. Also, it’s an inspiration story for my son, hoping to make him proud of his mother determinations of aiming high in a career as a graphic designer.

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