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Hello! I’m John, a recent product design BA(Hons) graduate at NCAD Dublin. When I first wanted to become a designer, I was fascinated with the process of crafting beautiful objects. While I am still interested in this, my view of design today is much broader; it is a view that design has a capacity not just to create aesthetic objects but also to challenge our views, habits and perception of the world. Furthermore, it can tell narratives and fundamentally bring people together. My work is driven by my interest in stories, our connection to the past and our impact on the future. I view the work and objects I have made as ways to tell a narrative and to show a different perspective. The results are objects where design and art combine to challenge topics as broad as architecture, material culture and everyday habits. Currently working @ Studio Unfold

Chalkos – A celebration and exploration of copper.
‘Built to last’ -A multidisciplinary research project which examines brutalist architecture.
Applied Empathy – A collection of speculative wearables brought about by a future decline in empathy.

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