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My background has primarily been within the cabinet making and furniture industry, mainly designing and making furniture for private residential properties but also collaborating with interior designers and architects on numerous projects. I am an enthusiastic, reliable and passionate young professional awarded with a BA in Interior design from Griffith College Dublin in 2020, and a BA (Hons) in Interior Architecture in 2021. During the past four years I have excelled academically placing myself amongst the strongest grades of each year being also awarded with academic achievement during my graduation in 2020 and two First Class awarded degrees for both 2020 and 2021. I am now seeking to further my career path and take the next step towards entering the architectural design industry, with the intention to build and expand on my current knowledge/experience base. I am seeking to secure a full-time position where I can work, learn and contribute to projects by putting in to practice my strengths relating to furniture, interior design and architecture. ———————————————————————————————————————————— 37 MERRION SQUARE – adaptive reuse of an historic building to a residential apartment house Responding to a brief asking for the design of a mixed use building including residential apartments with communal areas and a number of services for the public to use, the project was very carefully designed to adhere to building regulations, universal design and best conservation practice. A full conservation report was also required as part of the assignment.

The project is designed to provide a mix of amenities to the community and residents, including a small cafe, a shop, yoga and art workshops, a small gym for residents only and a small children day care centre also for residents. The remaining of the areas are divided between n.1 one bedroom apartment, n.2 two bedroom apartment, n.1 three bedroom apartment and a special requirement one bedroom apartment catering for a wheelchair users with dementia.
The proposed glazed extension situated at the rear of the protected structure is carefully considered to adhere with conservation principals. It aims to provide sheltered accessibility to each floor but maintaining the possibility of reverting back to the original state of the site. It also aims to be clearly identified as a later addition but still providing line of sight to the original protected structure, The glazed portion was also selected not to overshadow neighboring buildings.
The cafe is divided by a portion located in the basement of the protected structure while a further seating area is provided at garden level by the enclosed proposed glazed extension, providing a contemporary aesthetic to the building and also accessibility to every floor through a platform lift. The cafe aims to provide a modern yet cosey space, including a light installation inspired by the concept, a green ceiling and abundant natural light.

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