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Letterkenny Institute of Technology

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‘We Still Burn Her’ This collection has been grounded in my interest in sustainable botanical dyeing. My attraction to this method is from the historic dyeing tradition in Ireland, which was viewed as a respected specialised field for women, stemming from the use of herbal medicines and healers. My fascination began in childhood, watching demonstrations of these techniques at the Ulster American Folk Park. I formed a new appreciation for nature after moving to New York and viewing the contrast of the nature in the city being enclosed by a concrete cage. This allowed me to reflect on those women accused of witchcraft for being well-respected healers when many were simply independent and outspoken women. I was inspired by the vilification of women throughout history and how previous generations embraced or repressed their identities and paved the way for the future. The name of the collection, “We Still Burn Her” comes from one of my biggest inspirations behind the collection, Christy Moore’s cover of the song “Burning Times” and the line “Now the earth is a witch, we still burn her”.

Mood board showing textures, colour and aesthetic desired in the collection. Final line up illustration. Final fashion flats.
Rust dyed and pleated trousers made from local Irish linen and crocheted sweater vest made from naturally dyed alpaca wool and pearls from upcycled jewelry. Vest is inspired by traditional menswear while pleated trousers were inspired by 1970’s flares. Laced mini dress made from local Irish linen, inspired by the depictions of the millions of women bound and trialed for witchcraft, the 1970s punk movement, and lingerie.
Oversized suit with original print design consisting of trousers made of Irish Linen, cropped shirt with tie and oversized blazer printed locally on a cotton/linen blend. Inspired by traditional menswear, Marlene Dietrich, and 1980s power suits. Irish linen blazer naturally rust dyed and layered skirt made from deadstock organza. Dress made from a mix of original print and hand dyed linen to form a corset top and a layered, hand dyed, silk organza skirt.

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