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Maths Mania is an interactive virtual reality application, that creates an immersive experience to learn and practice maths, for children between the ages of seven and ten- or third-class pupils. Maths Mania combines traditional maths questions with the modern technology of virtual reality along with uniquely designed environments that fully immerse the users in a learning experience. The project comprises of a website which hosts information about the application along with a quiz where students can test their problem-solving skills. The main element of the project is the virtual reality application. VR was chosen as a way of communication as its proven to help with the following areas in the educational process: strengthening learning experience, immediate engagement, boosting creativity on student/teacher side and encouraging peer-to-peer support. The Maths Mania website had been created using the java MVC architecture in NetBeans IDE. Using restful webservices, communication is created with the unity quiz application. The virtual reality application has been developed on the unity platform and is available to download on the website.

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