Amy Devlin


I was inspired by sleep, I looked at sleep and how it regularly distracted me and learned how it benefits our health, different stages of sleep and waves of sleep. I eventually looked at dreams and how beneficial they are to us as they are often used as our own form of therapy. My theme then began to grow, I started to get distracted by an American TV drama called ‘Euphoria’, the show captured the essence of young teenagers growing up in an uncertain world, with heavy use of narcotics which left the teenagers in a dream-like state. Hallucinations that often occur throughout the show involving bright vivid colours, whimsical costumes and dramatic makeup inspired me to mesh the topic of dream and the TV show ‘Euphoria’ together. From researching the two connecting themes thoroughly in my sketchbook, I started with fabric manipulation using water soluble fabric with bright vivid continuous contour lines, making a unique design which resemble sleep waves. I then added beading to the continuous lines which I felt helped to make it a true statement piece.