Malgorzata Kosel

Anti Fast-Fashion Campaign

The campaign ‘Choose Ethical Clothing’ is created to bring awareness to the pollution caused by the Fast-Fashion industry There are many ways in which consumers can contribute to decreasing their carbon footprint based on what they wear. The target audience for this project are women aged between 18-24. As they purchase the largest quantity of products as most shop online. The graffiti represents the rebellion against the fast fashion industry contrasting with the commercial-like visuals. The ‘X’ is a design element used throughout each medium to signify the action of cutting out fast-fashion from your wardrobe. Each poster contains a QR code which is linked to an IGTV video, where the viewer can gain more insight knowledge on the topic. This video was originally to be a live film but due to COVID 19 quarantine restrictions, it was created with type and imagery.